Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tell me what you eat, I'll tell you who you are. ~Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Kids, it is terribly hard to eat right if you don't have any food. I realized this when I woke up this morning and only had food to prepare for dinner for the next 9 days and nothing for breakfast or lunch. I guess someone needs to take a trip to the grocery store, hmmm???

So, unfortunately it pains me to say my diet today has consisted of coffee, protein bars, and slim fast. I truly need a trip to the grocery store.

Before I go...does anyone have any genius ideas of things I should buy? Any fabulous ideas for breakfast or lunch. Keep in mind that I really don't care for lunch meat and have limited money. And....go...


  1. Celery and peanut butter is my new best friend.

  2. You can always go old school and make up some english muffin pizza's. They can still be healthy if you use light cheese and yummy veggies for toppings. And I'm pretty sure they have whole grain or at least whole wheat english muffins now.

  3. oh god, I loooooove english muffin pizza.

  4. Sorry, I missed this the other day. Food is my worst enemy! My Bar Method teachers says 80% of how you look is what you eat. Great. As someone who doesn't eat fast food, I find that most depressing. But back to the old school thinking of grocery shopping, fruits and vegetables are the healthiest foods and the cheapest to purchase. But not the easiest to eat when you're stomach is rumbling and craving cheesecake. My only tip, I used to drink Slim Fast shakes too because they taste good and are filling, but the Ralph's Kroger brand vanilla powder protein shake only has 110 calories and only 1 gram of sugar! The sugar in every other shake, even at GNC, is through the roof! But a serving size is 2 scoops, I only use 1, otherwise you're using all your protein for the day in one shake. If you really want some food ideas, let me know!