Friday, August 27, 2010

Hear your heart. Heart your health. ~Faith Seehill

Well, so far it's an incredibly productive day.

I started logging into Sparkpeople again and I downloaded the iPhone app. Also, I checked out the Calorie Counter page that Mike suggested just to  make sense of this whole calories in and out thing. Seems like all the websites are matching up with what is going in and coming out and they are all matching up with what my nutritionist told me. I'm going to stick with Sparkpeople cause I have used it before and it is super easy for me to use...just a pain in the butt. There is a great feature where you log in all the ingredients that went into something and then break it down so you know what you actually ate. Example, last night Jason made a homemade Tortilla soup...instead of trying to figure out how much of the chicken I ate, or how much of the chicken broth I ate...I type in everything that went in and then how many servings it made and out comes this fantastic information just like you would see on a nutrition label. So super helpful.

Also, I have made my appointment to take the Curves Free Weight Management classes. When I was a member at Curves they didn't provide this service, but apparently they have added this service for member and non members alike. Thanks to Naomi I found out about this tidbit of information. Free weight management classes...they certainly fit into the budget. I think everyone who is on this journey should look into it.

I did my 2 mile walk and I did some "strength training" today. I don't know how much it counts but I did a bunch of crunches and I used my son as a weight today. I did some dumbbell squats while I held Ben and I did some bench presses with him. Not's hard to bench press a wiggle child, but he's about 25 pounds and he thought it was the most fun ever. Meghan wanted to try...but unfortunately I can't really bench press another 10 I just put her on my legs and played airplane.

Lunch was a huge hit today. Meghan loves to cook and so today she prepared English Muffin Pizzas. We used Multigrain Light English Muffins and Turkey Pepperoni. Yummmm. So, sometimes it's easy to diet and include my kids, but other times it's impossible. But, today it has been rather easy. This delightful lunch was delicious, well rounded, and fun. For a whole Light English Muffin, 1/4 cup of sauce, 1/4 cup of Part Skim Mozzarella, and 6 slices of turkey pepperoni we're looking at 229 calories and 16.4 g of protein. Paired with some Granny Smith apples for color and sweet to go with the salt, we had a really nice lunch. Also, I've already had 6 glasses of water today. That's crazy for me cause I hate water. But, I'm doing this.

Now, after a full morning of weight lifting children, cardio, and healthy lunches...I am in need of a nap. Christmas people...mark your calendars...I will be thin.

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