Sunday, August 29, 2010

Food is an important part of a balanced diet. ~Fran Lebowitz

I have to tell you. I'm not going to workout today. I'm taking a day off. I had to get up very very very early this morning to take my husband to the airport and so I am incredibly tired. I think it's only fair that I can take a day or two off. Today is one of those days. I might do some crunches tonight while I'm watching tv and the kids are in bed, but other than walking with Leslie Sansone today. I just really don't have it in me right now.

I will say that I have been doing very well logging my food into Sparkpeople. I'm still starving, but I know I'm eating right. I've been checking in with my nutritionist's outline and it pretty much matches up.

I tested myself last night. I made a baked chicken parmesan (sans breading), spaghetti, and green beans. I passed on the pasta. It was a terribly difficult thing for me to do, but to balance out my plate with everyone else's I doubled up on the green beans. I felt good about my choice...though the spaghetti still looked really enticing and I almost didn't make it.

For dessert I had a fresh peach. It was soooo good. Canned peaches just don't do justice to a fresh peach. Don't get me wrong, a brownie would have made me happier...but the peach was way less calories and sugar and it filled me up slightly longer than a brownie would have. See, I know how to make good choices...I just really don't enjoy it.

Also, I made a decision today to not stop on the way home from the airport to have breakfast with the kids. I held off the extra 15 minutes to get home and cook myself. Usually when Daddy is away I try to keep the kids happy by taking them fun places and letting them know how loved they are...but right now we're broke. But, also, I don't really know what they are cooking back in those kitchens. I have worked in restaurants and I know the amounts of oil that is poured onto a griddle or the amount of cheese or butter that is put into something. Even something "Light" at a restaurant is about 500 calories. I'm sure I could have gone to the Good Egg and had Chad suggest something delicious, low in calories, and full of doubt, he's good like that...but I don't have the energy to guess everything that goes into that delightful low calorie meal and then  log it in to sparkpeople. Though I love me some Good Egg...mmm mm mm. If you're ever in the Tucson area I suggest that for can't go wrong with a single thing on the menu.

I am getting off topic. Back on track...for the next few weeks (at least) I am opting to stay home. I need to start really being strict about our budget (zero dollars and zero cents) and my waist line. So, today for breakfast Meghan wanted Scrambled eggs. Easy enough. I've been cooking those since I was 10 years old. So, I whipped up some scrambled eggs and then for myself I made a breakfast sandwich. An egg over hard on a light multigrain english muffin with a slice of 2% american cheese. On the side, a glass of skim milk and half of an orange. And let me tell you, oranges must be in season cause I generally don't like oranges, but this one was sweet and juicy and I kind of want another one.

Also, on another note, though I will miss my husband terribly this week, there is one good thing that is brought by his absence. It's a Sunday...during football season. I was raised in a drinking town with a football problem. Being alone gives me absolutely no excuse to have to make football food or drink I'm saved for a week. Today I will be watching football out of the corner of my eye while playing cars and barbies. I will be drinking my "sippy cup" of water and counting my calories.

Though this is one of only about 3 Sundays that my husband will be MIA during football season. So, if anyone has any awesome, low cal, fun football foods they would like to suggest...please do. I've got four months ahead of me of miserably staring at the chip bowl and then staring at my water and carrot sticks. So, if you have fun tailgating food ideas, ways around drinking beer and still enjoying football season. I know it can be done...I was 8 months pregnant during Superbowl XL and didn't drink. But, football is better with chicken wings and nachos.


  1. You could make more of a taco salad -- lettuce, tomatoes, corn, black beans (instead of refried), olives, salsa, guacamole or chunks of avocado, maybe some cucumber, along with the baked chips. And, of course, you need the cheese or they're not nachos, so use a good low-fat cheese and only use a little. If you don't like the salad aspect, leave out the lettuce and pile the other stuff on top, or make your own fresh salsa with the veggies. And you can always use corn tortillas or baked tortilla chips either of those would be better than normal flour tortilla chips.

  2. Ooooo I forgot about blue corn chips.... what about this recipe, looks pretty good.