Saturday, August 28, 2010

Never mind searching for who you are. Search for the person you aspire to be. ~Robert Brault

You should know that I have an semi-unhealthy obsession with collar bones. One of the things that I strive to have is visible collarbones. Ask Jacinda...we had to go shopping for gowns back in November and I was stressing out over getting a strapless gown cause I was afraid I would look to overweight if my collarbones weren't in shape. I know you're saying, "What are you talking about? Visible collarbones?"

Here is what I mean...this is a photo of Queen Latifah. I'm sure you look at it and think, "Elegant. Beautiful. What are you talking about visible collarbones?" Well, in this photo...there aren't any.

Now, on the off chance you know Queen Latifah, don't go running and telling her I said she was fat. Cause that is simply not true. I just happened to come across the picture of her with no collarbones. And I actually think it is from years ago before she did Jenny Craig. She is THAT you can tell her! I appreciate any celebrity that isn't a size anorexic.
Here is a photo Drew Barrymore when she was first announced as the CoverGirl spokesmodel. In my opinion her body is sick...and not overly thin. At least I don't think so...and she has great collarbones!!

It is just the slightest difference from soft to soft and fit.

Getting back to the point. I have an obsession with visible collarbones. So, this morning we were in the car and I said to Jason, "Well, I may not be losing any weight yet, but I am starting to have visible collarbones!!!" They are somewhere in between post Latifah and current Barrymore at the current time.

I know what you're probably think my husband was really happy for me and filled with words of encouragement and excitement. He reply was, "Great, but don't go turning into that gross skinny girl you watch on tv." He was referring to Rachel Zoe. My husband likes a girl with meat, you see. But, I don't know if my husband realizes that when he fell in love with me I was 132 pounds with perky boobs, a tight ass, and really really really nice collarbones. So, it makes me a little self conscious that I'm not holding up to what he originally fell for. On the other hand, it kind of made me feel good that he doesn't want me to lose weight, but he is very supportive. It's important to know that the one you love is in love with you no matter what...I could probably be another 25 lbs. heavier and he would still love me. I'm a super lucky girl with a husband who loves me unconditionally, but, I'm going to keep working on the collarbones and I might throw in a tight ass for good measure.

And don't worry I will not ever go trying to look like the Rachel Zoe's of the world. That girl needs to slow down and eat a cookie...or 12.

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  1. An here I thought that I was the only one who looked at my collar bones! Lol! The first pictures I saw of myself with visible collarbones after I lost the weight was AMAZING! I think, for me, a lot of it has to do with always being the "biggest" girl in dance class my whole life. I remember when I was in highschool, we were performing the ballet "Cinderella" and we had professionals from a New York company as our leads. Well one day at rehearsal, "Cinderella" is sitting htere talking to all of us girls and telling us how beautiful collarbones are. Mind you, she was probably about 100 pounds and hers were close to scary than pretty. But, I remember sitting there thinking how I didn't have that. It stuck with me. So now when I look and see pretty collar bones, no matter what kind of fat day I'm having, it makes me feel a little better. :o) So I'm totally there with you on this topic. Oh, and YAY for using the English muffin pizza idea!