Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I believe that water is the only drink for a wise man. ~Henry David Thoreau

This week is becoming a bit tricky for me. I'm certain that the scale is not going to be forgiving this week. I haven't quite been as tough on myself about exercising. I have a visitor and she makes me exhausted beyond belief.

No, it's not my mom. It's Aunt Flo.

I have heard that you can gain weight the week of your period. I don't know if there is truth to this, but they make enough products for water retention when this time of month rolls around that I believe it to not be a mythical statement.

The other night I couldn't get enough chocolate. I had three different kinds of 100 calories packs and during the day I had one of each of them.

I am proud of myself, I haven't managed to go over in calories and no matter how starving I have been this week, I haven't been doing any late night crazy eating like I normally would around this time of month.

I have been drinking my water. Just not doing as much working out.

I haven't fallen off of the wagon...I kind of imagine myself hanging onto the side with my feet dragging on the sand... like I'm in an action movie. I've got a good tight hold on the wagon though...give me another day or two and I'll be riding inside it again.

Now, off to drink more water...

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