Monday, September 6, 2010

~ I am a nutritional overachiever. ~

I was talking to someone today about my challenge of drinking the appropriate amount of water everyday. I do my very best to drink 8 glasses. Sometimes I make it to 12...other days when I am tucking into bed I realize I slacked and only drank 6 and have to hurry up and gulp down some water.

I was also telling her how I was watching my calories and cutting back on eating so many carbs. I eat them. I eat my daily allotted intake. But, cutting back has made me realize that I was going way over...even eating whole grain pastas and breads.

The girl told me the following, "Oh, I'm on a diet too. I'm on the orange juice diet." WHAT?!?!

She went on to tell me that she is doing a diet where you eat some moderately small meals and then for the rest of your day you drink obscene amounts of orange juice.

You're probably thinking what I'm thinking. And if you're not...let me tell you what I'm thinking. What a freaking moron. Since I'm pretty certain that this girl was not squeezing oranges for each glass of orange juice she was putting in her body, she was taking in a ridiculous amount of sugar. Also, she told me she wasn't bothering to drink water because she was drinking so much juice. OH, THAT MAKES SENSE.

Her reasoning behind why the orange juice diet is good. People never eat their 10 required servings of fruit and vegetables a day and also it works as a laxative. She figures if it's good for Heidi Klum, it'll be good for her.

She went on to tell me about her three children and I tuned out. I just couldn't believe that instead of learning the proper way to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle, she is choosing to go on a fad orange juice diet...such a great role model for her kids don't you think? Hey kids, let's drink ridiculous amounts of sugar and then get on the scale. Sounds awesome.

Whatever, I'm going back to visit her around Thanksgiving (her goal weight date) and see how well the orange juice pooper diet worked for her.


  1. Ok, I would go into a sugar induced coma if I did that!! Is she serious?! Wow. You know what I did? I went out and bought a 30 oz cup from the dollar store. the kind with the lid and straw on it. I drink two of those a day. That way I know I've had 60 oz. of water. And if you aren't a plain water fan, Crystal Light is great. It doesn't have any carbs at all. I used to live on iced tea before I found out about the PCOS thing. It was hard to drink so much water at first. Now I can't even take a sip of iced tea without thinking that it's too sweet for me. Crazy how that works.

  2. Oh my lord! I don't normally post but this is outrageous and I wanted to share a few things on my mind.. when my sugars are low, I'm supposed to drink some juice or if no juice is around, a can of soda. Normally, one cup of juice is about 8 oz. One can of pop is 12 oz. Therefore, when you read the label, the pop has a lot more carbs than the juice. The nutritionist and I figured it out that if you drink 8oz of pop OR 8oz of orange has the SAME amount of carbs/sugars. Horrible for you! Obviously you get more vitamins in juice but even kids aren't supposed to drink much juice. That girl needs to learn what she is putting in her body! Even if she is "pooping" it out and gets to her goal weight, she went about it all wrong. my soapbox now..ha ha...hope this girl gets some better advice soon! Keep up the good work Amy! It may take you longer to lose the weight than this girl but you are making healthy lifestyle changes...not some quick fad that will work for a little while.