Thursday, October 14, 2010

No gain.

Well, it is weigh in Thursday. I didn't lose anything. But, the good news is...I didn't gain anything.

It was kind of a 'eat what you can bare to look at' kind of week. With my daughter having the five day stomach virus...I was rarely in the mood to eat. Also, I had my period battling me as well. So, what I did eat was more than likely made of chocolate.

What did I learn from this? Two things. One: If I don't eat well and follow my diet I don't lose weight. Two: If I only eat chocolate, I won't necessarily GAIN weight, but I certainly feel like a person who spent a week eating poorly.

What's my homework? Get back into exercising and eating right...starting tomorrow. It's payday...this means fresh fruit and vegetables are going to be in abundance in my fridge. I can eat the way I'd like to and perhaps lose another 4-5 pounds by Halloween.

Still down by 8.5 though. And technically down by 12.5 cause when I weighed back in June before the blog started I was 186. Down 12.5 pounds since June...8.5 since August...16.5 more to go. Oye.

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