Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dinner at the old folks home

I can't believe it...I lost a half of a pound this week! I am at 173.5. I'm not disappointed. My body should be revolting this week. I started my job and worked Saturday-Wednesday 5- close. The problem with working at 5 pm is that I don't get to have a normal sit down dinner with my family. They all have to eat at 4 pm like we llive in the old folks home or I have to eat whatever I can find before I leave. It's truly been the latter. I've either eaten something like a grilled cheese before hand or I eat nothing and then come home and eat whatever is quick. Last night it was a lean pocket. It gave me heartburn.

Next week is going to possibly be even more tricky because Jason goes back to work, so I won't even have the option of eating at the hour of geriatric dining. I'll have to cook dinner and put it on the table when he is walking in and I am walking out. More cold cuts for Mommy anyone?

In any case, 173.5 is not half bad. It's a long way from where I's also a long way from where I need to be....but, I'll get there. If I can find balance between my home life and my new work schedule, I can make this work!

One thing that won't morning coffee. Gotta go get some morning perk. Talk to you soon.


  1. Stress and seasonal sadness has caused me to put on the four pounds I'd lost since vacation. I'm with you on the journey and, of course, on the morning coffee!

  2. I have gained back a good chunk of the last bit of weight I lost. It is probably stress (and all the Taco Bell I have been eating).

    I am VERY proud of the progress you have been making and you should be too.