Monday, October 11, 2010

Bodily Functions

You know what a great way to lose weight is? Come to my house...

My poor little girl has had a stomach ache for four days now and has had diarrhea and then yesterday...vomiting. Today she went to the doctor....stomach virus. She was given a medicine to help her nausea and to keep her from's not an oral medication. Oh dear...this can't be fun.

Between the poops and the pukes...and now my son has a touch of the makes my diet very easy. I simply don't feel like eating. After watching my daughter be sick for days and having to wipe my sons bum and deal with the non-oral medication...well, safe to say I don't have much of an appetite. What I do eat I look at first and say, "Will you be visiting me again later?" I don't have time to catch this illness...bring on the Germ X.

However, if I do catch it...I'll probably lose a good 4 pounds and look fantastic for my audition on Saturday...I'd rather not lose the four pounds and keep the food safely inside my body until it makes it's own natural exit.

1 comment:

  1. Being sick is a GREAT diet . . . . depending on your definition of great.

    Poor thing. Here's hoping the Woozy Waves pass quickly.