Monday, November 15, 2010

Gobble Gobble!

Where have I been?

To be honest. I don't really know. Not working out regularly, not counting calories, not losing weight...that's for certain. However, I haven't gained...that's a good thing. I have been juggling about 2.5 pounds...up and down and up and down. But, staying right around 172.

I don't think I held up to my end up the bargain on this blog, cause I am most certainly NOT going to get down to the 150's by Christmas.

However, there is hope. Last night we celebrated Thanksgiving, it was awesome. I ate way too much and had a blast. Next week, on actual Thanksgiving,  while everyone else is getting super stuffed...I have the pleasure of knowing I did the celebrating 1.5 weeks early and now I can focus on eating right and hopefully exercising until I start my holiday baking. I am going to give myself the goal of 5-10 more pound to lose by Christmas....sure it's not the original 25 I wanted to lose...but it will put me at 15-20 lost. Shockingly...I am now okay with the idea of 15 being the goal...25 being like fat free icing on the sugar free cake.

The weather is cooling way down, which means I can walk 3.2 miles approximately 3 times a week. Why 3.2? Why 3 times a week? My daughter has school 3 times a week...her school is .8 miles away from our apartment. Walking her to school, back home, to school, and back home again equals 3.2 And that's a good little workout. And it's super easy now that it's in the 60's outside.

Anyway, stay tuned while I try and get my buns back on track...yet again. Kisses...Happy Thanksgiving!

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